Recruitment Test By PT. Tesco Indomaritim

SMK Muh. 7 Gondanglegi, SMK PGRI Wlingi, SMK PGRI Singosari, SMK Muh. 8 Pakis, SMK Islam Ahmad Yani Ngantang, SMK Nasional Malang, SMK PGRI 2 Jombang, SMK Taman Siswa Mojoagung, SMKN 1 Bangil. SMK Prof. Suryono Karangkates, SMKN 1 Bandung Tulungagung, SMKN 2 Singosari.

PT. Tesco Indomaritim was incorporated in 1989 as a company active in Marine Propulsion equipments, specialized in manufacturing Stern Arrangement, and a foundry making custom made Propellers with a capacity of 3.500 MM in diameter. In the mid 1990s, the company have expanded its activities to a wider range of marine equipments to complement the Propulsion Systems and to provide technical expertise in the installation of the Propulsion System package.

PT. Tesco Indomaritim have more than 600 personnels in the company which include mainly experience technicians to provide new installations and after sales services to support both the private and government sectors. As representative agents, They carry stocks for spare parts in order to provide conveniences and to give better after sale support to our customers. PT. Tesco Indomaritim workshop is located in the North of Jakarta, with a land area of 140,000 square metre with a workshop building of 20,000 square metre. In addition to this, PT. Tesco have a workshop of 1,600 square metre in Surabaya and representative offices/service stations in Balikpapan, Makassar and Samarinda. slm